Advertising monsters. Ideology and efficiency.

The promise of the developers that is realized, that yet.
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Advertising monsters. Ideology and efficiency.

Post by Aviator » Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:07 pm

Currently I can`t say something particular about Advertising monsters because there is not so much information available on that topic.

It was mentioned by Administartion that the "advirtising monster" nomination will be completely random and as far as I understand at the moment when monster is born.

There was also a promise that monsters will be able to advertise Goods and Monster owner will get extra dividends then.

There was an idea that Ads with Monsters and Goods will be transmitted in Teasers networks. That is actually nice idea but for the time being, there is nothing known about any agreements on this with any teaser networks.

Will be it be brought to life and how it will happen from technical point of vew? - We are looking forward for the official announcements from the Team and Administration but guys keep silence being busy with more important things.
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