How to buy System monsters?

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How to buy System monsters?

Post by Aviator » Thu Aug 30, 2018 1:31 am

Dear MB token holder,
To start to get your dividends you should deposit youк MB tokens. in other words to buy System monsters (no worries, you can get your MBs back any time).

Go to: (Metamask is needed)

Sequence of your actions buying System Monsters
1. Check the field "My MB tokens"
2. In the field "Buy System Monsters" add the amount not exceeding the amount mentioned in the field.
3. Hit "ОК" button.
4. Metamask poping up the window requiring to confirm the transaction. Confirm transaction.
5. Field "Buy System Monsters" and “Ok” button will be not active while first transaction being confirmed by ETH network.
6. In some time the Transaction will be confirmed and Metamask will pop up one more window requiring confirmation of the second transaction.
7. Confirm second transaction.
8. After the second transaction confirmed by ETH network, refresh webpage in a browser.
Here you go. Now you should see your System monsters in a field “My System Monsters”
RU Video instruction:
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